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You can buy FlashBar at your local HORECA equipment dealer.

Ingenius and affordable Module Bar System with 20 Years Warranty

FlashBar comes with a 20 year warranty. We guarantee at least 10 years availabilty for our designs.

This warranty does not include the refrigerated back bar equipment. One Year parts and, if agreed – labour.

The warranty does not comply if the module have been exposed to external impact and the assembly instructions have not been followed or if maintenance is omitted.

The warranty for FlashCool is limited to one – 1 – year parts only – no labour. Defect parts must be returned if warranty is to be.

Tech and production – highlights

  • 10 days production time for selected modules: FCI 600, FCM 400, FCK 550, FCB 350/610/910, FCT 500, FCW 400, FCW 600.
  • All modules have 100 mm free space in the back for pipes, pythons etc. This back area is easy accessible for service and cleaning through openings in the back wall.
  • Very simple assembly – save time and money!
  • Complete drawings in any format and product documentation required by law.
  • Developed and manufactured in Norway in co-operation with leading designers and bartenders in a span of 25 years assures the highest quality in product, user friendliness and stability in research and development.
  • Modularity gives you the the perfect bar that is easy to adapt to new trends and upgrades.



FlashBar documentation

Download Assembly Instructions.

Green Certificate.

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